• Daniel Haskell
    Managing Director
    B.Arch (Hons)

    Daniel has a history of involvement in award winning educational and community projects.

    He has extensive experience across local and state government commissions and across a range of sectors.

    In his spare time, Daniel dabbles in playing bass for Glory Box.

  • Michael Passmore
    Project Director
    B.Arts (Architecture), B.Arch (Hons)

    Prior to joining Haskell, Michael developed a wealth of experience in the delivery of Local Government sector projects with Moreland City Council.

    As Project Director at Haskell Architects, Michael oversees the day to day running of the projects in the office.

    He is a material guru, sharing his love of timber with the rest of the team, often. On Fridays, Michael exhibits his love of colourful socks.

  • Alexandra Carmody
    B.Env.Des, M.Arch

    Alexandra is currently involved in the management of education projects within the office.

    This includes overseeing the design and documentation of a number of projects at various stages of completion, ensuring the projects are delivered on time and on budget.

    In her personal time, Alexandra collects succulents with her fiancé and paints with watercolours.

  • Kieran Bast

    As part of the delivery team, Kieran’s role at Haskell Architects is to manage the construction phase of projects. He has past experience in correctional facility design, major hospitality refurbishment projects and medium scale office developments.

    Kieran is well known in the office for his Aussie ‘pearlers’. Favourites include: “Is it Beer o’clock yet?”,  “Make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here” and “She cracked the sads”.

  • Sasha De Silva
    B.Com (Accounting & Finance)

  • Katie Bond
    Senior Architect
    B.Plan.Design, B.Prop.Const, B.Arch (Hons)



  • Eva Chen

  • Amelia Cloney
    B.Arch, M.Arch

  • Georgia Hocking
    B.Arch.Des, M.Arch

    Georgia joined Haskell Architects in early 2017, having briefly worked in South Australia after graduating.

    We love her for her strong documentation skills, aided by her architectural eye for detail and diligence.

    She is an adult nipper (aka strong swimmer), dabbles in painting in acrylic and leads the Haskell Social Committee.


  • Renato Ferrari
    Graduate of Architecture
    Adv. Dip Civil Const Des, M.Arch & Urb Dev

    Renato completed his architectural studies in Brazil. He made the move to Australia in 2012 and began his working career here working on Commercial developments.

    At Haskell Architects, Renato manages part of the DET portfolio of work.

    As the most photogenic team member in the office, Renato spends most Sunday nights dancing salsa and boogie-woogie.

  • Jenny Hou
    Graduate of Architecture
    B.Des (Architecture), M.Arch

  • Taylor Wiley
    B,Arch, M.Arch, M.Sust.Des

  • Jenni Tjurin
    Interior Designer
    B.Arts (Architecture), B.Arch (Hons)




  • Patricia Eleazar
    Graduate of Interior Design
    B.Design (Interior Architecture) (Hons)

  • Carol Ham
    Architectural Technician
    B.Env (Architecture)

  • Dylan Newell
    Architectural Technician
    B.Des (Architecture)

    Dylan has worked in the architectural industry for over 10 years, in the documentation and 3D modelling of buildings.

    At Haskell, Dylan works as part of the architectural design team, to guide the design process through 3D imagery.

    Dylan is a keen cyclist, finishing 4th place in the 8th Tour of Qinghai Lake.